The Steadfast Tin Soldier

A whirlwind of images after Hans Christian Andersen
Painted theatre for art lovers over 5

Idea and player: Joachim Torbahn
Director: Tristan Vogt
Assistant: Ruta Platais
And many thanks to: Jürg Schlachter

On the play

Painting is the art form which seems to be closest to children. They pick up crayons naturally and start using them, creating their own world, filled with a great variety of things. Who would not want to join them in this sphere of dreams?

The fairy tale painter sketches a large nursery, decorating it with wondrous toys and figures. But as happens in painting – the image starts to develop its own life. Here a tin soldier who is the worse for wear steps out of line and falls in love with the tissue paper ballerina. The red goblin interferes. The image comes apart at the seams. Will the painter be steadfast and, together with the tin soldier, find a new path back to beauty?

A joyful introduction to the creative techniques of modern painting which is not always neat and tidy.

With his painted theatre productions, Joachim Torbahn has succeeded in creating an internationally admired novel synthesis between visual art and the theatre. He was invited to perform his homage to Paul Klee "What does Red do on Thursdays?" for children over four, at many festivals, including productions in Italy, Slovenia, Finland, Hungary, Russia, Corea, Japan and Australia.

Press Reports

There are some theatre experiences you simply want to send people to see. Because no description could live up to the wonderful development of atmosphere which can grow from completely relaxed play – as in this first performance of "Goblin, James and Ballerina" in the Theater der Puppen, based loosely on Andersen's "Steadfast Tin Soldier". Truly not only suitable for children. (…) The stage as artist's studio, the artist creating reverse glass paintings, conjuring up an entire world of poetic serenity from seemingly nothing. (..) Great! Abendzeitung

Theatre with paint and brushes, more fascinating than many a play with puppets or live actors, presented with perfect timing, charming and witty.
Nürnberger Nachrichten

The painter's energy can be almost physically felt by the audience, and so can his enthusiasm for painting spontaneously, throwing himself in the brine, just like courageous James, and leaving behind traditional concepts and practiced images .. a brilliant performance!
"double .- Magazine for Puppet Theatre" 2/2008