Jet Black and Lily White

or: where do paintings come from?

A voyage of discovery for intrepid travellers aged 4 upwards
Idea and Performance: Joachim Torbahn
Direction: Tristan Vogt
A Co-production with the Tafelhalle in the Kunstkulturquartier, Nuremberg


An astonishing performance, played out between dark and light, back and front, give and take. A black board and a bucket of white paint – nothing more is required for a delightful journey into the world of painting and the discovery of how opposites join together to make the world.

“I need more space,” says White.
“Go on,” replies Black encouragingly, “then I can use it to draw on.”
“But don’t go over the top,” calls White, “otherwise, you may be surprised.”
And so it is: Equipped with brushes and spatulas the two opponents embark together on a creative adventure, in which not a single spot remains dry …