Clay, Play and Monkeyshines

A visual art adventure for anyone aged 4 and up

Conjured up by Joachim Torbahn
Idea and Performance: Joachim Torbahn
Direction: Tristan Vogt
A Co-production with the Tafelhalle in the Kunstkulturquartier, Nuremberg


The creator is sitting at his small work table and playing with clay.
What will he make this time?
What life is hidden in a lump of clay?
Dream-like landscapes? Exotic plants? Magical creatures, monsters,
fairies, gods?
The creator sets to work: he cuts, kneads, slaps, knocks, digs, hits, strokes, crumbles, squeezes, forms, layers, splits, scrapes, bends, smudges, peels, scores, bores, glues…
And the clay? Is it really going to put up with all that?
On the other hand - if something gets broken, is it really the end of the world?
Not at all!

With his painted theatre productions, Joachim Torbahn has managed to create an internationally acclaimed, innovative synthesis of visual art and theatre.
His new piece is devoted to one of humankind’s earliest means of expression:
clay offers a myriad of creative possibilities and handling it is a very primal, sensuous pleasure. Whoever engages with it openly and wholeheartedlywill find themselves wrapped up in primordial stories of creation and transformation.