Magic Flute What does Red do...? The Steadfast Tin Soldier Clay, Play and Monkeyshines Jet Black and Lily White
La Flûte enchantée Que fait le Rouge...? Le vaillant Soldat de Plomb    
  ¿Qué hace el Rojo...?      

Thalias Kompagnons, Nurnberg (Germany)

Thalias Kompagnons
was founded in 1990 by Tristan Vogt and Joachim Torbahn as a professional freelance touring company in Nurnberg, Germany. They get support from the City of Nurnberg, the county of Mittelfranken, and the government of Bavaria.

Thalias Kompagnons tours to theatre-festivals both nationally and internationally---including Switzerland, Austria, France, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Ucraina, Israel, South Corea, Japan and Australia.

Theatre with puppets, objects, colours...

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Going abroad

Many of our shows strongly depend on German language.
But there are exciting exceptions:

MAGIC FLUTE (for adults)
LA FLÛTE ENCHANTÈE (en allemand surtitré)
Mozarts Opera with Puppets, Counter-Tenor and Live-Orchestra
available with Subtitles in French, Polish, Croatian..

"What does Red do on Thursday?" (for children over 4)
Que fait le Rouge jeudi?
available in an English and a French version, using only very few words and easy to understand all around the world

"The Steadfast Tin Soldier" (for children over 5)
Le vaillant Soldat de Plomb (à partir de 5 ans)
available in an English and a French version